Video Tutorial: How to draw mehndi/heena designs – For beginners

Practice on Paper:

If you don’t know how to apply mehndi or heena, start doing it on paper first using pen or mehndi cone, I prefer cone, as in the end you are going to use cone.

Practice Straight Lines:

Learn how to draw straight lines, keep cone on 1-2 inch distance, it helps in drawing straight line, you will only understand it when you will practically do this.

Practice Curved Lines:

After  straight lines, start practicing curvy lines, they will help you in making leaves shapes

Practice Circles:

After lines, practice circles, circles are bit tricky but once you will practice it, you will have no issue and because of curved lines practice, you should not face difficulty

Practice to Draw Patterns Closely:

After you are done with practicing straight and curved lines, and circles, start practicing how to draw lines closely, then practice curved lines and in the end practice circles.

You are Good to Go:

After this much practicing on paper with cone, you are good to go and practice on hand. Believe it or not, with this practice you have learnt how to apply mehndi / heena, as it is all about drawing circles, lines, dots, mango shape (curved lines are practice of mango shape and leaves actually :-) ) and filling (that’s why we practice to draw patterns closely)

I hope this will help you, I am attaching a video by mehndi artist to make you bit clear.

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How to make mehndi/heena colorful at home

How to Make Colorful Mehndi/Heena paste at home

We can make heena/mehdni paste by different recipes, I am sharing few of them, follow the one that suits you best

First Recipe to make colorful Mehndi/Heena Paste


3 Tablespoons of Mehndi/Heena Powder (Must be pure)

Half Spoon of Mustard Oil

Juice of Half Lemon


Recipe To Follow:

Take henna powder and mix it with half a spoon of mustard oil; after that add lemon to mixture and adjust the consistency as per your wish by adding water (Everything should be at room temperature). Put the mixture in a cone and you are ready to make designs. You can use it right away or after an hour, you don’t need to keep it overnight.

Second Recipe to make colorful Mehndi/Heena Paste


1 Cup Water

4 Teaspoons of regular tea

2 Tablespoons of Coffee

Mehndi/Heena Paste as required

5-6 Drops of Clove Oil or Clove Paste

Recipe To Follow:

Take one cup of water and make tea. Keep boiling until it becomes less than one quarter. Add two tablespoons of coffee and henna to make a thin watery paste. Add 5-6 drops of clove oil or paste. Allow it to cool for about 2-3 hours and then use it.

Third Recipe to make colorful Mehndi/Heena Paste


2 Tablespoons of Heena Powder (Should be pure heena/mehndi)

5 Slices of Dried Lemon

1 Teaspoon of Sugar

Half Spoon of Geranium (گل شمعدانی )Essential Oil

1 Teaspoon of Cajeput (کاياپٹ )essential oil

Recipe To Follow:

Take two tablespoons of pure henna powder, add five slices of dried lemon and teaspoon of sugar and boil it until it becomes bright red. Keep it aside to cool and then mix the henna powder. Keep this mixture overnight.

Next morning, add paste half a spoon of geranium essential oil and one teaspoon of cajeput essential oil. In case you find that the paste has become too thick add warm water as required.

Fourth Recipe to make colorful Mehndi/Heena Paste


3 Cups of Water

2 Tablespoon Coffee or Black Tea

1 Tea Spoon Eucalyptus Oil (روغن افسنطین)

Juice of Half Lemon

1 Teaspoon Sugar

Recipe To Follow:

In  3 cups of boiling water, add 2 tablespoon of coffee/ black tea and boil the mixture till the mixture of 3 cup water reduced to half cup. After that add a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil and the juice of half a lemon and one teaspoon of sugar. Mix carefully with the help of a spoon and leave for minimum six hours. It is best to leave overnight, but if you cannot, you have to set it aside for at least six hours in order to get a deep and beautiful brown-black color.

Henna-paste-with-sugarImage Courtesy: Google Images


3 Different Ways to Curl Your Hair

3 Different Ways to Curl Your Hair
1. As you can see in the first picture you just need to combo wrap your hair and you ‘ll have beautiful texture waves.
2. If you want glamorous spiral curls just follow the steps below in the 2nd picture.
3. The last one is the easiest one. Grab a small section of your hair and wrap it around the iron’s barrel wait few seconds and pull off.

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 3 Different Ways to Curl Your Hair